PERS and MPERS Monitoring

Let your customers re-establish mobility and independence with PERS and MPERS monitoring from CMS.

  • Trained operators: Our operators are specially trained to handle PERS and MPERS signals. They will stay on the line with your customer until help arrives and follow through after a transport, providing notification to caregivers.
  • Event history: Detailed event history on every customer is available in MKS Web Dealer.
  • Monitoring representatives handling PERS signals are professionally trained and equipped to handle different types and levels of emergencies by using interactive PERS scenarios, including sensitivity training and techniques to promote conversations with your PERS customers. All of our PERS and MPERS operators must pass a certification exam specific to PERS and MPERS signals.
  • PERS and MPERS monitoring services can include wellness checks, medication reminders, emergency service, inactivity and fall detection—depending on the equipment installed at the customer’s site.

Two-way Voice Monitoring

Give your customers added security and peace of mind with two-way voice monitoring. This feature allows customers to communicate hands-free with CMS operators from anywhere in their home or business without using a phone.*

*Two-way communication may be limited in certain situations due to the proximity of the two-way system and the structure of the building.

After alarm activation, our operators can talk with and listen to your customers until emergency help arrives.

This reassures customers and allows us to get valuable information to request dispatch of emergency response providers, including police, fire and paramedics.

Not only can we provide reassurance to your customer, but this feature also reduces false alarms through verification with your customer.