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Digital Monitoring-We Handle All Formats.

  • Instantaneous Email or SMS text Notifications to the Subscriber or Installer
  • Remote Video Verification
  • GPS Tracking
  • Elevator Alarms
  • 2 Way Voice Pers Monitoring over Pots Lines & GSM
  • We Can Activate Connect24 & Alarmnet products
  • Dealer Access Module
  • No More Waiting to put your accounts on test. Do it yourself on your smartphone with a mobile app!
  • Let Us be Your Virtual Office With our Answering Service
  • Our Knowledgeable Technical Staff is Here to Help You!

Our receivers can accept all major formats

Receiver Farm

  • Alarm.com
  • AlarmNet (Honeywell)
  • CLSS Receiver (Honeywell)
  • Alula IP Receiver
  • M2M Mini Radio
  • Connect 24 DSC
  • Surgard System II
  • Surgard System IV
  • Teldat Visoralarm IP
  • DMP with IP
  • Bosch 6600 with IP

Other Services

  • Answering Service
  • Video Camera Monitoring
  • Elevator Monitoring
  • Virtual Doorman Service

If you have another service, you need feel free to call and speak with us about it.

Need to Migrate Your Accounts Over to CMS?

Don’t let the migration process keep you from teaming up with CMS Monitoring.  The CMS migration team is comprised of experts that are dedicated to doing the job right and making the migration of your data transparent, organized and seamless.